10 minutes with Dani Andrada


Most of you have heard of the famous route Chilam Balam (9b) in Villanueva Del Rosario, Spain. Climbed by the likes of Bernabé Fernández (first ascent 2003), Adam Ondra (2011), Edu Marín (2015) and Dani Andrada (Team KletterRetter) who also added his name to that exclusive list in 2015. We took this chance to ask Dani a few questions about his motivation.
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My shoes are trashed again!

Those of you who go climbing regularly would be well aware of the wear and tear on your climbing shoes and the age old discussion: should I get them resoled, or should I buy new shoes?
Resoling: the most important thing to look for when you are having your shoes resoled is to find a shoe maker/cobbler that has experience repairing climbing shoes and has the right tools and material available for the repairs. We tested some of the well-known shoe repair services in Germany for you:
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Five minutes with Leander Schäffer: next generation competition climber

Leander Schäffer

We had the chance to interview the successful next generation competition climber, Leander Schäffer (DOB 1999). Leander won silver in 2013 in the Nordrhein- Westfalen regional championship in Bochum and can also be very proud of his third place in the Nothern German Bouldering Championship in Braunschweig.
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Climbing in Australia – The Grampians


G‘Day from Down Under! We are here to visit family for a couple of weeks over Christmas and couldn’t look pass the chance to spend a few days in the Grampians.

The Grampians National Park is located 235 km west of Melbourne, or 1100 km from Sydney, and is a very popular area for rock-climbers and bush-walkers alike. The remote orange and red crags offer first class, breathtaking climbing.
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