Our story

Our inspiration

Dave and StephIn late 2010, Steph and Dave moved their home from Australia to Germany after working, travelling and climbing their way around the world. When they arrived in Germany and continued to follow their passion for climbing, they soon realised that their hands were often holding them back.

After testing several different skin care products, both for climbers and for everyday use, they were still unhappy with the results. During a hard climbing session, Dave yet again tore open a callus on his finger which formed a painful “flapper”. This very moment was the inspiration to develop a skin care product with the specific needs of climbers in mind.

The inspiration began to turn into reality when Dave started experimenting in his kitchen with emulsified wax and essential oils. After a quite some of testing and a lot of learning about skin care and cosmetics, Dave realised that it was time to call in the professionals. After countless different versions of hand cream, recipes, ingredients and scents (all of which were tests on family and friends), KletterRetter was born.

The creation and the launch

KletterRetter HandcremeDave gave his creation a German name, KletterRetter (rough translation Climbing Saver), which is a clever play on words suggesting that KletterRetter saves your skin and gets you ready for another day at the crag.

KletterRetter hand cream was officially launched in Germany in November 2013 after almost 2 years of research and development and became an instant hit with climbers, boulderers and even cross-fitters, with a number of positive reviews from climbing magazines and blogs.

Growth continued in 2014 as KletterRetter became available in a number of European countries and in late 2014, distribution was also expanded to South East Asia. KletterRetter quickly attracted attention from other professions such as optometry, fishing, gardening and printing. KletterRetter is well known for its fresh scent, fast-absorbing formula and moisturising properties that allow users to keep their skin in great condition for their next project.

Our vision

KletterRetter HandKletterRetter’s vision from the start was (and still is today) to offer premium products to rock-climbers and improve climbing performance. In addition to hand cream, the KletterRetter portfolio includes innovative chalk bags, energy bars and other useful products for climbing.

Dave aims to stand out with KletterRetter as a company that focusses on quality and exceptional customer service. He personally selects and tests high quality products, manufacturers and ingredients himself. After being actively involved in the climbing community for many years, the company owner aspires to give something back to the climbing community as a willing sponsor of climbing and bouldering events and competitions.