More than just a hashtag #supportyourlocalgym


Our beloved gyms are slowly allowed to start reopening their doors under certain, strict conditions.

In order to support the gyms and motivate you to train hard, we are running a campaign, #supportyourlocalgym, together with our partners Edelrid, Deutscher Alpenverein e.V. (DAV), Bergzeit, Vertical-Life and SuddenRush Guarana Deutschland. Continue reading >

5 reasons to go climbing (in case you needed a reason!)

It is clear to us as climbers, that climbing is the greatest sport ever! But to an outsider, it may not be clear. Why do you torture yourself on that wall? Why would you squeeze your feet into those shoes? You could just go hiking! Well, we could, but for a climber, hiking is just a means of getting to the crag! Climbing is cool and I’ll tell you why! Continue reading >

What do climbers eat? Dinner with Petra Klingler!

In the last part of the blog series “What do climbers eat”, we have one of Petra Klinger’s (2016 Boulder World Champion) favourite recipes for you!

Feta only contains about 260 calories per 100g, which is lower than all other whole milk cheeses except for ricotta and mozzarella. The lower calorie count comes from the lower fat content of just 21g per 100g. Eating protein-rich feta increases your protein intake and adds a rich, spicy flavor without adding many calories. Serve together with a good portion of vegetables and your stomach will be full! Continue reading >