Skin care tips

Have you ever asked yourself which KletterRetter skin care product is best suited to your needs? Is it vegan or is it made from natural ingredients? When, where and how should I do apply it? Well you’re in the right place – we have put together an overview to answer all these questions!
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Skincare 101

Kletterhautpflege 101

Rough climbing holds, rough holds and chalk dry out your hands and your skin develops microcracks, thick calluses or simply tears open. Skin injuries like this are often painful and need to be treated properly. With the right skincare techniques, you can treat injuries like this quickly and even avoid them in the future. Continue reading >

Climbing games that really make you a better climber

It’s rarely boring in climbing gyms. Once a route has been completed, the next challenge is waiting right next to it. However: you don’t always want to tackle a new, tricky problem. If you want to add variety to your session, climbing games and exercises are a great way to have fun without hard projects. And you benefit twice. On one hand, you bring a breath of fresh air into your everyday climbing life and on the other hand, many of these games are worth more than gold when it comes to refining your climbing skills. Technique, strength, creativity and reading routes are all about to get a whole lot more fun.
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