Climbing games that really make you a better climber

It’s rarely boring in climbing gyms. Once a route has been completed, the next challenge is waiting right next to it. However: you don’t always want to tackle a new, tricky problem. If you want to add variety to your session, climbing games and exercises are a great way to have fun without hard projects. And you benefit twice. On one hand, you bring a breath of fresh air into your everyday climbing life and on the other hand, many of these games are worth more than gold when it comes to refining your climbing skills. Technique, strength, creativity and reading routes are all about to get a whole lot more fun.
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How to tape pulley injuries: fast help for a painful injury

Ringband Tapen

Skin injuries during climbing and bouldering are annoying, but they heal with proper care within a few days. It becomes much more uncomfortable when you “do a pulley” (injury an annular ligament). An inflammation or a tear can cause problems for weeks or even months. Tape can provide some relief, support healing and in some cases, allow you to keep climbing. Continue reading >

Taping flappers: how to deal with skin injuries on your fingers


All it takes is a quick slip and bang, a small section of skin on your finger tears open and exposes the sensitive, deeper layer of skin. If you choose to ignore it and keep climbing, you will most likely experience an unpleasant burning sensation. If the tear is deep enough, it may even bleed. Time to stop? Not necessarily! With the right taping method, you still have a chance at ticking your project! And now we’ll explain how! Continue reading >

Finger injuries: what you need to know about taping


As fun as it is to work your way up the wall on crimps, slopers and rough volumes, climbing is hard work for our fingers. And because the stress sometimes goes beyond the normal level, tape quickly becomes a part of everyday life; both at the crag and in the gym. Today, in our first article in this series, we will talk about what to look for when buying tape and what you can expect from tape in general.
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