Green Climbing

We only have one world. Let’s take care of it together.

As climbers, we share the responsibility of protecting and preserving climbing areas. The rocks, cliffs, and mountains we climb are not only beautiful, but also crucial to the delicate ecosystem. That’s why at KletterRetter, we are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainability wherever possible.

One way we achieve this is by offering environmentally friendly products that are sustainable and ethical, with minimal impact on the environment. But our commitment to the environment doesn’t end there. We actively participate in conservation efforts and promote sustainable climbing practices, including reducing the consumption of single-use plastics, leaving no trace when climbing, and supporting organizations that advocate for the protection of our natural spaces.

As part of the climbing community, you have the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the environment. By working together and making small changes in your daily lives, you can have a big impact on the health and well-being of our planet. Let’s continue to prioritize sustainability both on and off the climbing wall. Together, we can preserve the natural world we love for future generations.


Actions speak louder than words

We are doing our part in the fight against climate change by taking the following action: