My shoes are trashed again!

Those of you who go climbing regularly would be well aware of the wear and tear on your climbing shoes and the age old discussion: should I get them resoled, or should I buy new shoes?
Resoling: the most important thing to look for when you are having your shoes resoled is to find a shoe maker/cobbler that has experience repairing climbing shoes and has the right tools and material available for the repairs. We tested some of the well-known shoe repair services in Germany for you:

Ready 4 Climbing
Total time between send and return: 7 days
Quality: Good
Price including resoling, edge and shipping €47.50 (in 2015)
Rubber selection Very good

Total time between send and return: 7 days
Quality: Good
Price including resoling, edge and shipping €45.70 (in 2015)
Rubber selection: Good

Weigel’s Schuh- & Schlüsselexpress (Kletterschuhdoktor)
Total time between send and return: 12 days
Quality: Good
Price including resoling, edge and shipping: €34.50 (in 2015)
Rubber selection: Very good

Conclusion: all of the resoling services we tested were good. If the repairs are not urgent and you can afford some time, you can save at Weigel’s Schuh- und Schlüsselexpress (Kletterschuhdoktor).
The clear advantage of resoling (in addition to the price) is that you know your shoes already fit your feet and although shoes are generally tighter again after resoling, you will experience less pain than when wearing in new shoes.

Buying new: the one clear advantage of buying new shoes is being able to try a different model or brand.

As you develop your climbing style, you also develop preferences for your shoes e.g. laces, velcro, length, width. Buying new shoes is a good chance to find something that compliments your current level of climbing. A large number of our KletterRetter resellers sell shoes and are more than happy to help you out with any questions you may have

Many climbers have multiple pairs of shoes, depending on the type of climbing (indoor, outdoor, sport climbing, trad climbing, deep-water soloing or bouldering). Having looser shoes for long multi-pitch trad routes for example alleviates the pain when wearing shoes for an extended period of time. The other advantage of having multiple pairs of shoes is that you can still climb when your other shoes are being repaired!

Do you have any favourite shoes or tips for other climbers? Have you had any experience with having your shoes resoled? Share them with us here in the comment field!

2 thoughts on “My shoes are trashed again!

  1. Does anyone know if they do small repairs also? My shoes have small holes in the rubber on the toes – I can see the leather underneath already and I really want to do something about it before it gets worse.

    1. Hi Trav,

      Yep, most companies also repair small holes like that. They’ll probably do it at a better price, but it is best to ask first so you don’t have to pay the full price.


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