5 reasons to go climbing (in case you needed a reason!)

It is clear to us as climbers, that climbing is the greatest sport ever! But to an outsider, it may not be clear. Why do you torture yourself on that wall? Why would you squeeze your feet into those shoes? You could just go hiking! Well, we could, but for a climber, hiking is just a means of getting to the crag! Climbing is cool and I’ll tell you why! Continue reading >

Head space and how you stand in your own way


There I am, standing in front of a route, ready to climb. I’ve tried this route a couple of times, so I know what to expect, but this time I’m going to send it. I just can’t think about failure; I talk it through before I start. Off I go, a little unfocused as I climb the first moves, because I know exactly where the crux is. Thinking too far ahead, I fight my way through the first few moves… Continue reading >