Why you should go on a climbing holiday


They say that traveling broadens your mind, so that’s why going on a climbing trip is a great way to develop your climbing! Although the crag is literally in the foreground during a climbing trip, there are a number of other reasons why you should go on a climbing trip and broaden your horizon.

If you think “I will just be climbing the whole time and I won’t learn anything or see any of the country”, you are mistaken!
As climbers, it is pretty much in our genes to spend every free minute on the rock and that itself presents the first good reason to go on a climbing trip:

Get to know new crags

Typically, you will spend the majority of your climbing days at just a few different “home crags” and you are probably already used to the structures and the local conditions. To snap out of this routine, a climbing trip is ideal – you get to know new crags and expand your climbing skills. For example, you may finally encounter the rare pleasure of crack climbing or discover slab climbing for the first time. New crags expose you to a whole new type of climbing, including new techniques, which you may never have been able to learn or practice at your “home crag”. New skills inevitably lead to being a better, more versatile climber.

Other countries, other climbers

It’s not just the crags that are different… the local climbers can be very different too! Climbers are generally open-minded people, so it’s usually not hard to meet new and interesting people. Not only do you get a glimpse into another mentality, but you will probably also get a few tips about the local restaurants etc. In addition to meeting interesting people, you may even develop new, cross-border friendships!

Rest day activities

Unfortunately, you can not climb all the time, so you are almost forced to plan a rest day here and there. But that is not all bad news – rest days are the perfect chance to learn more about the local culture. A short trip to a nearby city or a visit to a museum will give you a glimpse into a different culture and way of life – from which you may learn and experience a great deal! Since sightseeing will probably make you hungry, you might even find yourself at a foreign restaurant, where you can try dishes that you’ve never tried before. After an exciting rest day, you can hit the crag again strong, rested and enlightened.

Sightseeing is, of course, not the only way to spend a rest day – you may also find yourself sitting on a local beach or hiking in the local mountains, which is a great way for you to learn more about the local nature and the landscape.


Tell us below where you will take your next trip!

So although climbing is the core of any climbing trip, a climbing trip also presents many opportunities to get to know a country and all its facets and to develop further both personally and as a climber. Not to mention the cool photos that you take (post them with the hashtag #kletterretter) and last but not least, being able to brag to everyone about all the places you have already climbed at!

P.S. We recommend that you always have a first aid kit with you!

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