Shock Mini Massage Gun

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✓ Lightweight massage gun for faster recovery
✓ Long lasting battery
✓ Stimulates blood flow to your muscles


The SHOCK mini massage gun is an ultra-compact and powerful massage device designed to accompany you on all your sporting outings (trail running, skiing, climbing, cycling, fitness, etc.).
This massage gun helps improve your recovery and relieve muscle soreness.

Its rechargeable battery offers great autonomy (9 hours in mode 1) and makes the SHOCK massage gun an ally you can count on after an intense session.

Ultra portable, silent and ultra light, the SHOCK mini massage gun will accompany you when you need it.

Its rapid movements and its massage heads adapted to different areas help stimulate blood flow to the muscles.

The SHOCK mini massage gun has four massage speeds:
Mode 1 “Muscle awakening: 1800 rpm”
Mode 2 “Muscle relaxation: 2200 rpm”
Mode 3 “Deep massage: 2800 rpm”
Mode 4 “Professional mode: 3200 rpm”.

A single button allows you to perform all the actions (ignition, shutdown of the device, as well as the different speed levels) for an easier and more comfortable experience.

Intelligent protection: The SHOCK massage device will automatically stop after more than 10 minutes of continuous massage to prevent damage to muscles and bones due to long-time massage on the same part.

Massage heads:
SPHERE Designed for large muscle groups such as thighs, calves, waist, arms, glutes
“U” SHAPED HEAD Designed to perfectly fit the tension lines of your spine, ideal for the Achilles tendons.
CONE HEAD Designed to impact deep tissues, meridians, joints, acupuncture points
FLAT HEAD Suitable for large flat back muscle groups
SILICONE HEAD FOR ESSENTIAL OILS Soft silicone brush is designed for use with essential oils

Use : Choose the massage head that best suits your needs and massage the muscle area you want in a circular motion. You can change the massage mode at any time by pressing the button.

Technical information Shock Mini:
Weight: 320g
Dimensions: 70 x 36 x 122mm
Autonomy: 9h
Power: 10W – 5V

Included in the box:
– A SHOCK massage gun
– Five different massage heads
– A charging cable
– User manual
– A storage bag

Product warranty: 2 years

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