Rope Bag Monkey

49,90 incl. VAT

✓ Innovative rope bag that extends your backpack
✓ With a removable shoulder strap
✓ Protects your rope from dirt
✓ Fold, roll, clip, voila!

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The Monkey bag innovates in the world of the rope bag being an extension of your backpack, it facilitates movement and approach walks for climbers.

This bag attaches to almost all backpacks on the market like a « koala »and thus eliminates the need for overlapping shoulder straps.

Its ventral strap provides better support, and gives a feeling of lightness to your rope bag.

Finally, its large tarpaulin increases its comfort of use at the foot of the tracks.

It can also be worn over the shoulder thanks to its removable chest strap.

Fold, roll, tie, and voila!

Maximum length of the rope: 80m
Integrated tarpaulin: 125cm x 125cm
Closure: clip opening
Transport: carabiners with double entry to hang on the backpack / removable ventral for carrying the shoulder strap / handles with easy grip

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