SmellWell MAXI freshener insert

17,95 14,95 incl. VAT

✓ Absorbs moisture and fights bacteria and odour
✓ Big, strong and very effective
✓ For bags, cupboards, cars and rooms up to 10m2
✓ Simple place or hang in your bag, cupboard or room



SmellWell MAXI freshener inserts are big, strong and very effective. They are available in four fresh designs and are well suited for bags, cupboards, cars and areas up to 10m2.

Simple place or hang the insert in your bag, cupboard or room and after just a short time, the area will smell fresh and dry.

SmellWell MAXI works for up to 12 months and can be “reloaded” in the sun or on the heater.

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Blush Pink, Camo, Grey, Midnight Blue