Cylinder “Twin”

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✓ A pair of wooden training cylinders
✓ From recycled rubber wood
✓ An important part of any training program
✓ Light enough to take with you
✓ Two modes: vertical and horizontal

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Cylinder “Twin”

You can choose between a pair of finely crafted cylinders with a 33mm or a 55mm diameter. These handy cylinders are made from recycled rubber wood and belong in every training room! With two modes, vertical and horizontal, you can train everywhere: vertical. Strengthen your arms and improve your grip today with these soft-touch and robust cylinders.

195mm (H) x 33mm (D)
oder 195mm (H) x 55mm (D)
33mm version: 100g
55mm version: 290g

Brand: YY Vertical, Y&Y Vertical

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33mm, 55mm