KletterRetter skin care set with chalk

39,90 incl. VAT

✓ Skin care set with crunchy chalk
✓ Ideal for on the go
✓ Care for your skin whereever you are
✓ Robust organic cotton bag that can easily be refilled
✓ The must have in your rack


The KletterRetter skincare set with chalk comes with a 100% organic cotton bag, so you can care for your skin anywhere you go. Dry and cracked skin is a thing of the past!

– 120g KletterRetter Crunchy Chalk (100% magnesium carbonate) in a resealable bio-degradable bag
– 75ml KletterRetter hand cream for climbers
– 30ml KletterRetter Repair Balsam
– KletterRetter double-sided skinfile 80/120 grit
– KletterRetter finger tape 15mm x 10m
– 100% organic cotton bag


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