KletterRetter skin care set

9,9054,90 incl. VAT

✓ Skin care set with an environmentally friendly bag
✓ Ideal for on the go
✓ Care for your skin on the go
✓ Can easily be refilled
✓ The must have in your rack



Have you ever asked yourself “Where is my KletterRetter”? Is it in your gym bag, on your desk or in the car? Well, look no further! The KletterRetter skin care set with comes with your choice of three environmentally friendly bags that keep everything together in one place! Lost hand cream and dry and cracked skin are things of the past!

You can choose between three different environmentally friendly bags:

  • Wash bag made from upcycled bouldering mats with a zip
    (W: 9cm, H: 10cm, L: 18cm)
  • Flat bag made from upcycled bouldering mats with velcro
    (W: 2cm, H: 15cm, L: 21cm)
  • Organic cotton bag with zip
    (W: 6cm, H: 11cm, L: 19cm)

You can order your bag empty, or pre-filled with a skin care set (worth €48.40 for just €40.00):

  • 75ml KletterRetter hand cream for climbers
  • 30ml KletterRetter Repair Balsam
  • KletterRetter double-sided hand file 80/120 grit
  • KletterRetter bouldering brush
  • KletterRetter nail clippers
  • KletterRetter finger tape 15mm x 10m

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Empty, With contents (skin care set)


Flat bag, Organic cotton bag, Wash bag