KletterRetter refillable chalk ball – 75g

6,90 incl. VAT

✓ Chalk ball 75g
✓ Easy to refill
✓ Gluten free, allergen free, free from heavy metals
✓ Designed for climbers and boulderers
✓ Compostable packaging


KletterRetter refillable chalk ball – 75g

A generous, refillable chalk ball for climbing or bouldering.

We think like climbers because we are climbers! The KletterRetter chalk ball can easily be refilled with loose chalk, saving you from buying regular chalk balls every time it runs out!

The chalk ball comes prefilled with 75g of high quality chalk.

– Gluten free
– Allergen free
– Free from heavy metals
– Dolomitic origin
– ISO 9001 certified
– Approved for food use E504 (ii)

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