KletterRetter hand cream 75ml

11,90 incl. VAT

✓ Fast absorbing, Nourishes and moisturises your skin
✓ Vegan without silicon, parabens or mineral oils
✓ Environmentally friendly tubes with 50% less plastic
✓ Made in Germany

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KletterRetter hand cream 75ml

With panthenol, calendula und ectoin

The hand cream for rock-climbers
KletterRetter is a fast absorbing, non-greasy hand cream to care for your skin after climbing. The special formula has been developed by experts and tested by climbers to help your skin quickly regenerate. With KletterRetter your hands are always ready for another day of climbing.

✓Fast absorbing, non-sticky formula: the fast absorbing formula means you no longer have to wait before you can use your hands again!

✓ Moisturises & cares for dry skin: rough climbing holds and chalk dry out your hands. KletterRetter moisturises your skin and cares for your hands.

✓ Heals & rejuvenates long term: KletterRetter heals cuts and torn skin and strengthens your skin’s natural protective layer, reducing your recovery time.

✓ Vegan and free from silicon: KletterRetter is vegan and does not contain silicon, parabens or mineral oils

✓ Environmentally friendly tubes: All of our hand cream tubes are manufactured with 50% less plastic than standard cosmetic tubes. The special manufacturing process reduces the amount of oil-based plastics by half and thereby reduces the CO2 footprint.