Nina Schlesener in focus: at home in the mountains

Hello everyone! Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Nina Schlesener, a certified mountain guide who navigates through all disciplines in the mountains. However, her absolute favorite is exploring the world of climbing, especially during long alpine tours around the globe. Her ultimate dream is to find perfect crack lines that aesthetically traverse the rock wall.

A glimpse into Nina’s world
Nina offers us a glimpse into her world: “I am a certified mountain guide, involved in all disciplines in the mountains. However, my absolute favorite is climbing, especially during long alpine tours around the globe. My ultimate dream rock is a perfect crack line that aesthetically traverses the wall.”

Nina’s favorite products from KletterRetter

Her favorites from KletterRetter? Fingertape and Magnesia, and for belaying, the YY belay glasses Plasfun and Clip Up.

A mountain guide’s skincare routine
After climbing and before bedtime, Nina takes care of her fingers, especially the tips, with KletterRetter’s Repair Balsam. “It smells so good and feels super comfortable on the skin.”

Athletic achievements
Nina is particularly proud of her 2nd place in the Ice Climbing European Cup and the one-day ascent of the Nose route on El Cap in California.

Liquid or Powder?
In the gym, Nina prefers Liquid Chalk; outdoors, however, she opts for powder!

Nina’s recommendation for our readers

Nina wants to share the Kletterfestival in the Fränkische Schweiz with our readers. Here, climbers from all over Europe and the world come together to celebrate their greatest passion, the sport of climbing, together!

Nina Schlesener not only provides insights into her adventurous world as a mountain guide but also shares her passion for climbing. We are excited for more thrilling stories and adventures from Nina and look forward to continuing to follow her impressive achievements. Stay tuned and let yourself be inspired by Nina’s mountain adventures! 🏔️🧗‍♀️