Julian Söhnlein in focus: pushing the boundaries

Hey people! Today, we’re excited to introduce Julian Söhnlein, a passionate climber who dedicates himself to developing and pioneering new routes. Julian loves the challenge that stretches between the impossible and the possible – precisely what captivates and motivates him. And even on challenging days, there are projects where he admits they might be better suited for the stronger climbers.

A glimpse into Julian’s world

Julian shares his great passion: “Developing and pioneering new routes is my big passion! The span between the impossible and the possible is what fascinates and motivates me.” Even when things don’t go as planned, he’s happy to pass projects on to the stronger climbers.

Julian’s favorite KletterRetter product

His favorite product from KletterRetter? The Repair Balsam to aid quick recovery! And, of course, you can never have enough chalk.

Skincare routine

Julian’s skincare routine is practical: “If I have a cut or a flapper, I cut and file the skin around it as much as possible. Then I apply some Repair Balsam, and off I go again.”

Proudest achievement

Currently, Julian is particularly proud of the first ascent of “Mastermind”. For weeks, he and a friend prepared the crag, cleaned it, and finally bolted a number of routes, one of which was Mastermind. Mastermind was definitely a long process from “impossible” to “accomplished”.

Liquid or powder?
Julian has clear a preference: “Powder chalk, and if it’s particularly warm, liquid chalk beforehand.”

Julian’s recommendation for our readers
“The book ‘RockGod’ by Jerry Moffat was very motivating.”

We’re excited to see where Julian’s passion will take him! We will continue to follow his impressive achievements. Stay tuned and let yourself be inspired by Julian’s enthusiasm! 🧗‍♂️✨