KletterRetter first aid kit for climbers

21,90 incl. VAT

✓ Fits in every climbing backpack:
Space saving (20cm x 15cm x 9cm) and light weight (only 450g)
✓ Developed specifically for climbers
With material specifically for climbing accidents
✓ Practical extras:
e.g. Warm rescue blanket, emergency whistle and an instant cold pack

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KletterRetter first aid kit for climbers

This compact (20cm x 15cm x 9cm) and light weight (450g) KletterRetter First Aid Kit is specially designed for climbers – and it is easy to transport!

This kit contains high quality first aid contents for treating common climbing related injuries. We swapped all of the unnecessary stuff with really useful stuff such as a warm rescue blanket, an emergency whistle an instant cold pack and tips from experts to keep you safe in the unfortunate event of a climbing accident.

We recommend that every climber has a first aid kit with them, whether climbing indoors or outdoors.

1 DRK First Aid instructions
1 Instant cold pack (single use) 13cm x 15cm
(can be inadvertently activated in your backpack – check regulalry)
1 Rescue blanket s/g 160cm x 210cm
1 Bandage DIN 13152-BR 40cm x 60cm
1 Fixative bandage DIN 61634-FB 6cm
1 Fixative bandage DIN 61634-FB 8cm
1 Triangular bandage DIN 13168-D 136cm x 96cm x 96cm
2 Wound compressors 10cm x 10cm
2 Adhesive plaster strips 10cm x 6cm
4 Adhesive plaster strips 1,9cm x 7,2cm
1 KletterRetter finger tape 10m x 1,5cm
2 Vinyl gloves
1 Scissors
2 Safety pins
2 Alcohol wipes
1 Tweasers 8cm
1 Whistle
1 Pencil

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