PlayMate Hangboard

45,90 incl. VAT

✓ Wooden hangboard with rope
✓ For warming-up or training on the go
✓ Various modes: Edges, slopers, pinches
✓ Can be easily packed up and taken where ever you go!


Want to train harder to send hard projects? The portable hangboard PlayMate is for you!

Stop wasting your limited time warming up on easy routes! Prepare your fingers with PlayMate and concentrate on your project!

With PlayMate, you can practice the most common hold positions. Starting from a sloper at the top, you then can gradually switch to 14mm and 20mm flat edges. You can use PlayMate even as a small pinch!

What you get:
Top: 32mm rounded bar
Sides: 20mm edges
Middle: 14mm edge

Attention! PlayMate is not for beginners! Proper warming up before climbing or climbing exercises is strongly recommended. Warming up before training sessions prevents injuries and guarantees maximal performance. Keep your fingers warm before training with PlayMate!

Training manual
There are four basic options:

Pulling-up/dead-hanging mode. Attach PlayMate to any projection or ledge supporting your body weight. Then start a comfortable training using all grips you need! You can use more than one PlayMates together or combine it with the other training devices.

Pull-down mode. Attach a small pulley somewhere above your raised hand and run a cable (or a strong lace) into it. Connect PlayMate to the one end of the cable and attach a preferable weight to the opposite one. Then start very effective pull-downs, which reproduces the real movements during climbing and works your forearms in a whole distance, from the fully raised hand to your wrist below your belt!

Finger-lifting mode. Attach to PlayMate a preferable weight and start finger-lifting training!

Free-pulling mode. Climbing is not only in a vertical direction. Attach PlayMate to bungee (or to any pulley stretching band expander), anchor bungee wherever, in front of you, behind, from the side, etc. And start pulling PlayMate in any preferable space directions to reach the new level of your fingers and body strength!

Moreover, train with PlayMate with two or one hands. PlayMate hangboard tests the limits of your finger strength and helps you reaching the highest climbing performance at the gym and outdoors!

Use PlayMate for regular finger training everywhere at any time: on rest days during outdoor climbing, during business trips or vacations, as additional training at the climbing gym, as home training, etc.

Brand: Rustam Climbing