Fit4Climbing Yoga – prepaid card

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✓ 4 weeks online access to Fit4Climbing
✓ Body and mind training
✓ On your yoga mat
✓ At your pace

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Fit4Climbing Yoga – prepaid card

What you’ll get
– 4 weeks online access to Fit4Climbing – body and mind training on your yoga mat, at your pace
– Your personal tree certificate as a symbol for the tree we dedicate to you. The certificate states the quality you want to grow with yoga, a photo of the little tree, what the species stands for and the school where we plant it
– A highly practical roadmap with three stages that will help you release tension, improve your flexibility and increase both your arm and core strength
– New content piece each month for an effective yoga routine: a particular video sequence, a summary in a downloadable fact sheet, and a “yoga to go” downloadable audio
– 15 min. call for your questions, your goal, feedback for your alignment. Valid for any plan (value: € 24,90 – you can book more if you need an individual plan for more accountability)
– “5 in 5: The most efficient five yoga exercises for doubling your energy in 5 minutes” Infographic to download

The benefits
– Creates fitness and mental habits that get you to your goal: A stronger, more flexible and more vibrant you
– Helps you step out of your comfort zone and create different results by doing different habits
– Teaches you how to recover faster and what to do the days when you’re not climbing
– Designed by climbers for climbers. We have gone through the same challenges and teach what we live
– Simplifies yoga to make it easier to stick with it