Crimp Oil Muscle Care 50ml

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✓ Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying oil
✓ Soothes muscle aches and pains
✓ Developed for rock-climbers
✓ Supports regeneration

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Crimp Oil Muscle Care 50ml

Crimp Oil “Muscle Care” is made of 9 ORGANIC essential oils (Petit Grain, Atlas Cedarwood, Cypress, Rosemary with camphor, Lemon Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Niaouli, Cajeput and Turpentine) and an extract of Meadowsweet. Meadowsweet has been nicknamed herbal aspirin, as it contains salicylic acid, which is a precursor to aspirin. Salicylic acid gives meadowsweet anti-inflammatory properties and a draining and detoxifying action.

Crimp Oil is made specially for climbers out of 100% organic essential oils. Whether you are injured or not, Crimp Oil helps prevent injuries and repair tendons, joints and muscles.

Directions: Apply 3 times a day in case of pain and after a climbing session for prevention. Shake well before use and massage in to allow the deep penetration of the essential oils.

Not suitable during pregnancy or breast feeding

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