Nika Potapova in focus: the journey of a world class climber

Nika Potapova, also known as “little shark,” passionately dives into the world of climbing as a World Cup athlete. Her heart beats not only for climbing but also for music, traveling the world to meet new people and experience different cultures. Moreover, she is a big lover of tomatoes and coffee – a colorful mix reflecting her colourful personality!

Nika’s Favorite KletterRetter product

Her favorite product from KletterRetter? The Repair Balsam. Nika swears by it to provide optimal care for her skin and prepare for new challenges.

Skincare routine of a World Cup climber

Nika’s skincare routine is simple and effective. “When my skin is suffering, I simply apply KletterRetter Repair Balm before bedtime, and it helps me. If my skin is extremely strained and hasn’t recovered by the next training, I tape my fingers.”

Strong performances and strong sends

When we asked Nika about the performance she is most proud of, her face lit up as she told us about her first-place finish at the Youth World Championship 2019 in Arco, Italy. Despite an arm injury during the competition season, she had only 2 weeks to prepare – a tough challenge that she successfully overcame. In the same year, she sent a 9a route named “Fuck the System” in Santa Linya, Spain. Now, she is slowly preparing to return to challenging routes and planning some upgrades.

Liquid or powder chalk?

Nika’srRecommendation for our readers
“Never give up, enjoy every moment and appreciate your life! I would recommend the book ‘Peaceful Warrior.'”

Nika Potapova not only shares her achievements but also her life philosophy with us. We look forward to more impressive performances and are excited to continue following her climbing journey. Stay tuned and let yourself be inspired by Nika’s energy!