Joseph Rerolle in focus: A glimpse behind the scenes of an enthusiastic climber

Half French, half German – Joseph Rerolle in the spotlight

Hey everyone! Today, we have the honor of introducing you to Joseph Rerolle, a passionate climber who is making a name for himself in the exciting world of climbing. Joseph is no stranger in the climbing scene, but there are certainly some interesting details about him that you might not know.

A glimpse into Joseph’s journey

“I am half French and half German,” Joseph says with a big smile. “I grew up in France and have been living here in Berlin for over 2 years now.” His climbing journey started in 2018 with a focus on lead and sport climbing, but now his main focus is on bouldering competitions. Apart from climbing, Joseph enjoys cooking, baking, and cycling – a versatile personality indeed!

KletterRetter: Joseph’s secret weapon for healthy skin

Joseph swears by KletterRetter: “The Repair Balsam is an absolute time saver for my skin between climbing sessions!” The balsam helps him care for his skin optimally and prepares it for the next challenges.

Skincare Routine

After each climbing session, Joseph reaches for hand cream to rehydrate his hands and skin. Before going to bed, he applies the Repair Balsam to strengthen his skin for the upcoming challenges. Luckily, he rarely has to deal with split skin – “that would be hell,” he adds with a laugh.

Proud boulderer: Joseph’s highlight

“Bouldering, especially in competition, is my main practice at the moment,” Joseph proudly declares. He aims to further develop his skills to compete internationally within the German team.

Chalk Talk: liquid or powder?

Joseph decisively answers the question about his preferred chalk: “If I had to choose, then liquid chalk – because of its practicality and performance ratio.”

A pearl of wisdom from Joseph for climbers

In conclusion, Joseph shares a piece of wisdom with his followers: “Never forget to have fun while climbing, especially when things aren’t going so well.”

Joseph Rerolle not only gives his all in sports but also brings a refreshing outlook on life to the climbing community. We are excited to see where his climbing adventure will lead him and will continue to follow his impressive progress. Stay tuned and let yourselves be inspired by Joseph’s enthusiasm for climbing!