Gift ideas for climbers

The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to think about the perfect gifts for the climbers in your life. In this article, we present to you five cool gift ideas that are both practical and entertaining. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, a family member, or yourself, these suggestions will undoubtedly bring smiles under the Christmas tree. Let’s explore the best gifts for climbing enthusiasts!

KletterRetter Skin Care Set
Never again will you wonder where your KletterRetter cream is. Our skin care set with a sustainable bag brings order to your climbing gear. Take care of your skin on the go and forget about dry hands, dusty tape, and lost nail clippers. The eco-friendly bag can be refilled and is made from organic cotton.
9,9049,90 incl. VAT
Climbing Mug with a climbing hold
Do you want to improve your finger strength while enjoying your coffee? Our climbing mug with a climbing hold is the answer! Available in Orange (easy), Green (medium), and Black (difficult), this mug offers a fun way to train your finger dexterity. Consider it an excuse to drink more coffee while enhancing your finger strength. Hold on tight and avoid any spills!

Brand: YY Vertical

Coffee mug with climbing hold

19,90 incl. VAT
KletterRetter Wooden Parallettes
Our high-quality wooden parallettes, made from European ash, are a fantastic gift for climbing enthusiasts. Equipped with rubber feet for extra stability and a non-slip bar secured by screws, these parallettes will expand your climbing-specific training routine. Use them for exercises like push-ups, dips, handstands, or the L-sit to boost your strength and balance.

Brand: KletterRetter

KletterRetter Parallettes (pair)

69,90 incl. VAT
Book: Climbing Charts – real stories from real climbers
Are you looking for tips on becoming a true climber? Or do you simply want to laugh at the adventures and anecdotes of climbers? “Climbing Charts: real stories from real climbers” is the perfect book for you. With 40 pages full of climber jokes, it’s an ideal gift for climbing fans.
15,99 incl. VAT
Sloth Chalkbag
Bring a smile to your friends’ climbing adventures with the Sloth chalk bag. In addition to its adorable design, it features a wide opening, a brush holder, and an adjustable hip strap. Be a sloth, climb with joy, and keep the chalk dust at bay!

Brand: YY Vertical

Sloth chalk bag

24,90 incl. VAT
Show your friends and loved ones how much you appreciate their passion for climbing by placing one of these products under the Christmas tree. Happy holidays and have fun climbing!