5 ways beginners can improve technique

If you’re just starting out with climbing, it can be a challenge to learn the right technique. Here are 5 tips to improve your climbing technique:

Focus on your feet: Your feet are key to proper climbing technique. Try to use your feet as much as possible to support your weight and relieve strain on your hands.

Use your legs: Your legs are stronger than your arms, so try to use them as much as possible to move yourself upward.

Keep your body close to the wall: By keeping your body close to the wall, you can use more power from your legs and core muscles to move yourself upward.

Utilize your hips: Your hips are the key to effective turning and positioning of your body. Try to use your hips to optimize your climbing position.

Go climbing often and have fun: If you ever feel unmotivated, find a few friends to go with regularly, or make new friends by talking to others in the gym.