KletterRetter Liquid Chalk – 3 x 200ml

27,90 incl. VAT

✓ 3 x 200ml bottles with flip-top lids
✓ Dries fast
✓ Contains resin for better grip
✓ Reduces chalk dust
✓ Easily washes off your hands and clothes

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KletterRetter Liquid Chalk – 3 x 200ml

KletterRetter liquid chalk is easy to use. You shake the bottle and open it, apply a small dab on your fingers and rub it in – then you just wait 10-15 seconds until the chalk dries and turns white.

Liquid chalk contains resin which gives you better grip. You also produce much less dust with liquid chalk.

User precautions: Do not taste or swallow. Test a small amount on skin before first use – if there is a reaction, do not continue use. Do not apply on open wounds.

Composition: Magnesium Carbonate, Resin, Alcohol, Thickener


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