KletterRetter Crunchy Chalk 120g

7,90 incl. VAT

✓ High quality crunchy chalk 120g
✓ In big pieces that you can crush yourself
✓ Gluten free, allergen free, free from heavy metals
✓ Developed by climbers for climbers
✓ Optimal for all conditions


KletterRetter crunchy chalk for climbers and boulderers 120g

This 120g pack of high quality, crunchy chalk allows you to crush the chalk into the size you want! This chalk improves your grip and in turn your climbing performance. Suitable for all climbers: beginners, pros and full-timers!

– Gluten free
– Allergen free
– Free from heavy metals
– Dolomitic origin
– ISO 9001 certified
– Approved for food use E504 (ii)


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