SmellWell Sensitive Shoe Freshener

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✓ Absorbs moisture and smells
✓ Scent/perfume free
✓ Small, practical and effective
✓ Prevents bacteria growth
✓ Keeps fresh for the entire season
✓ Perfect for shoes, bags and sport equipment

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SmellWell Sensitive is for times when you prefer a shoe freshener without perfume. SmellWell Sensitive absorbs moisture and smells in shoes, bags and sport equipment without leaving any scent.

How it works:
Absorbs moisture and smells. SmellWell Sensitive is scent free. Just throw them in your shoes, bag or sport equipment – after a short time they will be dry and smell neutral!

SmellWell workds for up to six months:
Unopened packs do not have an expiry date.

Areas of use:
Ideal for shoes, bags and sport equipment

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