Monik finger strength tool

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✓ Improves finger strength
✓ Set of two training tools
✓ Includes a small carry bag
✓ Pocket sized for easy transport

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Have you ever noticed that your strength on mono pockets is not good enough? Do you dream of sending hard projects in Céüse, Margalef, Frankenjura or in any other climbing areas around the world with one-two finger pocket climbing? You need prepare your fingers!

The pocket-sized Monik gives you a number of ways to train single-finger strength.

Monik is a unique training device, which can make individual fingers significantly stronger.

But be careful! Monik is not for beginners! Proper warming up before climbing or training is strongly recommended. Warming up before training sessions prevents injuries and guarantees maximal performance. Keep your fingers warm before training with Monik!

Contains: Set of two wooden finger strength tools (7.1 × 4.4 × 2.0 cm each) with a small bag

Monik training guide
1. Finger-lifting mode. Attach to Monik a preferable weight and start finger-lifting training for each individual finger!

2. Pulling-up/dead-hanging mode. Attach Monik to any projection or ledge supporting your body weight and start crushing one-finger pull-ups or dead-hangs. As one-finger pull-ups or dead-hangs could be physically hard, you can use more than one Moniks together or combine it with the other training devices.

3. Pulling-down mode. Attach a small pulley somewhere above your raised hand and run a cable (or a strong lace) into it. Connect Monik to the one end of the cable and attach a preferable weight to the opposite one. Start very effective one-finger pull-downs, which reproduces the real movements during climbing and works your forearms in a whole distance, from the fully raised hand to your wrist below your belt!

4. Free-pulling mode. Climbing is not only in a vertical direction. Attach Monik to bungee (or to any pulley stretching band expander), anchor bungee wherever, in front of you, behind, from the side, etc., and start one-finger pulling Monik in any preferable space directions to reach the new level of your fingers and body strength!

You can use Monik during strength and power training to significantly improve the strength of individual fingers. Training with Monik you reach two main goals: increase the strength and power of your fingers and raise your fingers’ potential. Moreover, by progressive overload training, you increase your overall grip and forearm power endurance. You can use Monik for warming up before the main climbing training session, for special fingers’ strength and power training or for rehabilitation (finger-lifting mode).

The friction of the wooden climbing training devices is significantly less than one of the traditional climbing holds. Therefore you have to put more force to hold the wooden grips. This makes your training more effective and thereby makes your fingers significantly stronger!