KletterRetter hand cream sample

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✓ Nourishes and moisturises your skin
✓ Fast absorbing, non-greasy formula
✓ Quickly heals cuts and torn skin
✓ Developed by climbers for climbers – with Panthenol, Calendula, Vitamin A and Ectoin
✓ For climbing, bouldering, crossfit, weightlifting and many other sports

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KletterRetter 3ml hand cream sample

With panthenol, calendula oil, vitamin A and ectoin

The hand cream for rock-climbers
KletterRetter is a fast absorbing, non-greasy hand cream to care for your skin after climbing. The special formula has been developed by experts and tested by climbers to help your skin quickly regenerate. With KletterRetter your hands are always ready for another day of climbing.


KletterRetter HandFast absorbing, non-sticky formula
KletterRetter’s fast absorbing formula means you no longer have to wait before you can use your hands again!
KletterRetterMoisturises & cares for dry skin
Rough climbing holds and chalk dry out your hands. KletterRetter moisturises your skin and cares for your hands.


KletterRetterHeals & rejuvenates long term
KletterRetter heals cuts and torn skin and strengthens your skin’s natural protective layer, reducing your recovery time.
KletterRetterExtensively tested by climbers
We are all climbers ourselves, so we have put KletterRetter through many a test for you!


Why KletterRetter hand cream?
KletterRetter works: Chalking up and grabbing rough climbing holds often leaves your hands dry and cracked. KletterRetter soothes and cares for your skin and reduces the time needed for regeneration. KletterRetter gets you back on the wall quicker!
Developed by climbers for climbers: The KletterRetter team are themselves climbers and extensively tested KletterRetter. The team used their experience to develop a high quality product that meets the needs of both hobby and performance climbers.
Made in Germany: When you buy KletterRetter not only are you supporting local jobs and the German economy, you are buying a high quality German engineered product. KletterRetter has been developed according to the EU-Cosmetic regulations, certified and ISO tested.

Active ingredients
Panthenol (Vitamin B5): KletterRetter gets its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties from panthenol. The unique properties contained in panthenol increase your skin’s ability to hold moisture, which means you can stay at the wall for longer.

Calendula oil: KletterRetter cares for your skin with calendula oil. Calendula oil contains anti-inflammatory and skin care properties that support and accelerate the regeneration of your skin after a hard climbing session.

Vitamin A: Combined with panthenol, the vitamin A in KletterRetter increases your skin’s resistance to dryness from the use of chalk and adverse conditions.

Ectoin: With ectoin, KletterRetter strengthens your skin’s natural protective layer thereby supporting existing natural protection measures.

Additional information
Fragrance: With a discreet, natural forest scent, KletterRetter appeals to both men and women.
Size: KletterRetter is available in a generous 75ml tube or in a 30ml Tube with a small carabiner. Both sizes feature a practical flip-top lid which makes it easy to use and always available when you need it.
Vegan: KletterRetter is free from traces of animal products and has not been tested on animals

Wash your hands and apply small amount of cream to the palm of your hand and massage it in by rubbing your hands together.